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Nice view, Best in Design working internet ‘Online TV’, WIFI, have a LAN,  HD1080 P
The Receiver Works All Around the World, in Any Country
 Easy to use and has  high quality online Channels, Best quality in the market, no problems
 Includes: Kids, Sports, News, Music , Movies, Religious, Entertainment  

International language TV receiver  Includes:  Channels for the following countries & languages
 Arabic, Kurdish, Persian,Turkish, USA and Canada, UK, German, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italian, Portugal, Albania & Serbia, Russia & Ukraine, Greece, Norway, Finland, Romania, Poland, Bulgarian, Hungary, Spanish, Azerbaijan-Georgia, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africans, India, Philippines
Package includes
 2x Remote Control Unit (RCU)
 1 x User Manual
 2 x AAA batteries
 1 x Digital Satellite Rceiver
 1 x HD Output Cable
 1 x Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter
 1 x HDMI Cable

Istar A8500 Plus ONLINE TV ايستار

SKU: a8500