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" this decive is working only by WIFI no ethernet port available "


Nice view, Best in Design working internet ‘Online TV’, WIFI, HD1080 PThe Receiver Works All Around the World, in Any Country Easy to use and has high quality online Channels, Best quality in the market, no problems Includes: Kids, Sports, News, Music , Movies, Religious, Entertainment International language TV receiver Includes: Channels for the following countries & languages Arabic, Kurdish, Persian,Turkish, USA and Canada, UK, German, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italian, Portugal, Albania & Serbia, Russia & Ukraine, Greece, Norway, Finland, Romania, Poland, Bulgarian, Hungary, Spanish, Azerbaijan-Georgia, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africans, India, Philippines Package

includes 1x Remote Control

Unit (RCU) 1 x User Manual

1 x AAA batteries

1 x Digital Satellite Rceiver

1 x HD Output Cable

1 x Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter

1 x HDMI Cable

ISTAR Z5 Online TV ايستار

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